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The Recon Group with West USA Realty

If you are an agent or aspiring to get into Real estate as an agent or referral partner I would love to chat! My team is The RECON Group with West USA Realty. I joined them right out of the gate when I became an agent after interviewing MULTIPLE brokerages and teams. My original reason to getting into real estate was to drive my goals in investing in real estate. The team is already investor educated and had over 20 years of Real Estate and investing. West USA Realty has low fees and logical options with no caps. West USA offers plenty of CE classes, admin Support, 24/7 Broker call access and an open door policy. They offer office access and rent offices that make life easier!

The RECON group meets every single week with structured interesting training sessions and social education. The team itself is supportive to each other with information and their time. We help each other with showings and host Open Houses for each other and most importantly share stories and lessons every week in meetings. Our team has options for Lead sources or working your own referral leads with Beneficial splits.

If you want to be able to Refer Real estate leads and get paid a referral fee WITHOUT actually working with buyers and sellers we have a program for that too!

Reach out and we can talk about options that work for you!

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