It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

by | Aug 27, 2020

4 of us ladies involved in Real Estate and Investing decided to start a Video Podcast.

We are OFTEN together (every week multiple times) and laugh about the fact we are ALWAYS talking Real Estate…

“Who’s resurfacing a pool….WHO did you use?”

“What layout should I do on this property? how would plumbing effect the ARV?”

“How is the market in this neighborhood if I were to add an addition…. or not? ”

“Your contractor DID WHAT?!?!”

and of course the “Hey, Be aware of this!!!! ASK me how I knows!”

You get the GIST!

We are a part of a larger investor Group Called Fortune Builders as well as A Weekly investor Huddle. So we feel the need to educate people on what we know and Learn.  We have LOTS of stories that will never make it into our podcast but hope people learn something and Get a laugh!

Marie Baginski Renews neighborhoods by taking old run down houses and Rehabilitating them into Beautiful masterpieces for neighbors and new homeowners to be proud of, as well as Runs multiple successful Vacation Rentals with her business Stellar Property Solutions LLC .


Carolyn Kelly is a Investor in Long term Rentals in multiple states (and also the best Masseuse I know!) Her company is Elevate Property Solutions LLC   and is building an investment portfolio of Rentals.

Liz Quinn is our Daily Motivation with 5 minute motivators who also rehabs homes like Marie, for new buyers in neighborhoods across the valley with Skyline Homes LLC! Liz and Marie are also working on New ventures together.




I, Amelia “Mia” Romain am a Real Estate Wealth Manager who goes above and beyond just helping clients Buy and Sell Houses. Instead I educate and help in all opportunities Real Estate with every client.


We all bring something different to the table and get together to talk real Estate and bring it to you and your listening pleasure as often as we can. Hope you enjoy!

To visit our  a Facebook Group: Click HERE   

and a You Tube Page Click HERE

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